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  • Friendly services from start to finish, for someone who was a little nervous about the process they made me feel relaxed and confident.

    Ms Louise Lewis-Saunders ~ S J Cook & Sons Renault
  • James was really helpful and made the buying process stress free and pleasurable. I felt safe picking up the car with your COVID precautions. Fantastic.

    Mrs Lucie Styring ~ S J Cook & Sons Renault
  • Kyle was an amazing salesperson, patient,, supportive, knowledgeable and it was becouse of him i've no doubt that I ended up buying the car.

    Rosalind Moreno-Parra ~ City Motors Approved Used Cars
  • Great customer service, easy process and transaction, definitely recommend!

    Kieran Bray ~ City Motors Approved Used Cars
  • David is amazing - he always goes the extra mile and that is why we always return to him. Never been let down!

    Keith Draisey ~ City Motors Approved Used Sales
  • Me and my family have been dealing with David for 25 years now. We have found him to be honest and caring and has always give us the highest standard of service.

    Gerald Rich ~ City Motors Approved Used Cars
  • David put us at ease immediately, his warm, friendly personality and his knowledge both sold the company and the car.

    Stephen Newton ~ City Motors Approved Used Cars
  • Good sales experience, Covid rules in place and properly adheard to, car was also sanitized.  I felt I was in a safe enviroment,

    Stephen Wood ~ S J Cook & Sons Renault
  • Friendly & helpful staff making it an easy purchase.

    Carol Bowen ~ S J Cook & Sons Dacia
  • Very courteous and excellently treated, Kyle Wilson knows his cars.

    Nigel Sollars ~ City Motors Approved Used Cars
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    Drive electric with Renault

ZE Specialist

Why buy from main dealer

Trust: We will always offer you expert advice to ensure the vehicle is right for you.

Quality: Every vehicle will have undergone an extensive XX point check from our Manufacturer trained technicians and come with a minimum of XX month guarantee / warranty.

Value for money: As the largest Renault dealer in the south west we are able to offer you the widest range of Renault Electric Vehicles at the best prices.

Convenience: We will always work to deliver the products and services you need when you need them.

Latest Offers

Dynamique Nav R110 from £18,420 after PICG

  • 5 Years' 0% APR representative, Nil customer deposit
  • With £1,750 deposit contribution
  • Mandatory battery hire from £59 per month†
  • Free domestic wall-box fitted at your home by Chargemaster^^
  • 3 years warranty & Renault Assistance††
60 monthly payments of £278
Renault deposit contribution £1,750
Cash price £18,420
Total amount of credit £16,670
Total amount payable £18,420
Duration 60 months
Fixed interest rate p.a 0%


Business Needs

100% electric! Our line-up of Renault Z.E. vehicles offer energy efficiency without compromising on performance. Due to low running costs, no road tax and no congestion charge your Renault Z.E. vehicle can be a cost effective option for your business.

Choosing electric also means benefiting from a number of incentives such as the government grant, tax and congestion charge exemptions and depending on your council, discounts on your parking permit. So why wait? Switch to electric.


What is the NEDC driving range?

The NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) is the European emissions and consumption measurement standard, used for all cars, not just electric. You can use this figure to compare different models and manufacturers as it is able to measure differences in performance under exactly the same conditions. Vehicles are put through four driving cycles, the average of these gives the theoretical driving range. However, this is not a realistic estimate of actual driving range.

Why does actual driving range differ so much from the NEDC driving range?

The actual driving range is different from the NEDC driving range because in real-life many variables such as your driving style, the type of journey, your speed and the climate conditions affect how far your vehicle will go. This is why we at Renault give you realistic summer and winter figures rather than just the theoretical driving range based on our testing with the vehicle.

How can I optimise my driving range?

The way you drive has a direct influence on the driving range, so we have summarised a few tips to get your Renault Z.E. to go even further:

- Limit your speed and your acceleration
- Adopt a more relaxed, gentle driving style
- Drive at a constant speed as much as you can: adjust your speed by controlling your acceleration, including going downhill
- Think ahead
- Use the regenerative braking: when you need to bring the vehicle to a stop, first release the accelerator pedal to decelerate gently, then stop the vehicle with the brake pedal at a lower speed.

On ZOE your interactive R-LINK system is clever, and reviews your driving style at the end of every journey to be able to give you useful eco-driving advice.

To improve the range even further, you can turn on the ECO driving mode on ZOE and Kangoo Z.E., which reduces the power going to the air conditioning and heating systems as well as the motor to you another 8 to 10% of driving range.

How can I check my driving range?

When you are behind the wheel of a Renault Z.E. you can check your current energy in real time using the fuel saver. The dashboard display shows the remaining driving range calculated based on the battery charge level and your average consumption.

You can also check your charge level and remaining driving range remotely from a computer or smartphone using 'My Z.E. Connect', which comes as standard on Renault ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. for three years, followed by an optional 3 year extension.

How do traffic jams affect my driving range?

The electric motor only uses energy when you’re driving. When stationary, the only energy consumption is from any auxiliaries that you are using, such as the heating or air conditioning. In a traffic jam Renault Z.E. vehicles use very little energy, especially compared to a conventional fuel-powered car, which consumes energy even when stationary as the engine keeps running.

Do the navigation system, the lights or the wipers affect my driving range?

No, these factors do not affect the driving range of your Renault Z.E. The four main factors that reduce the range of an electric vehicle are the type of journey, speed, use of air conditioning and heating and driving style.

How does the battery perform in the winter?

Like all batteries, those in Z.E. vehicles hold less charge in cold weather than at warmer ambient temperature. This means that you can expect a reduction in the range of your Renault Z.E. in the winter. However, the Renault ZOE has undergone extreme cold testing in Kiruna, Sweden, at -20 °C, a temperature at which the battery was still able to function as normal with the only effect being a reduction in range.

Very low temperatures can extend the charging time, affect the driving range from energy storage or increase consumption because you are more likely to use the heating.

What happens if the battery runs out?

Your battery rental agreement includes comprehensive 24/7 breakdown assistance, even if you run out of energy. If you run out of energy, an AXA agent will come and help you and get you to a charge point of your choice within a 50-mile radius. This recovery service is not available for customers who have purchased the battery.

What happens if the battery is charged every day even if it is not empty?

The new lithium-ion batteries in Renault Z.E. vehicles have the most efficient technology in the market and have no memory effect. They can therefore be charged, even partially, at any time without their performance deteriorating prematurely. There are no restrictions on charging, and it is possible to charge the battery even if it is not completely empty.

Does the battery lose charge if I don't use my car?

The battery's daily discharge rate is very low. It would take several weeks of inactivity to see a significant loss of charge.

Is the battery recyclable?

Renault signed a partnership agreement with UMICORE, an international company recognised as one of the leaders in lithium-ion battery recycling. Damaged batteries or batteries that have reached the end of their life are collected, then sent to diagnosis centres where they are repurposed outside of the automotive sector, or fully recycled.

How does maintenance of an electric vehicle differ from that of a fuel-powered vehicle?

An electric car is easier and more economical to maintain than a fuel-powered car. For example, the oil in a fuel-powered car must be changed regularly to ensure correct lubrication and cooling of the engine block. Oil changes are a thing of the past with a Renault Z.E. as an electric motor does not need lubricating. The same goes for your brake pads, disks and drums, which have a significantly longer life expectancy thanks to regenerative braking.

Is breakdown cover free of charge?

Yes, if you drive a Z.E. vehicle, it's all included. 24/7 comprehensive breakdown assistance is included in the warranty for 4 years. If you are leasing the battery, you are also covered in case you run out of energy.

I was using My Z.E. Connect, but it no longer works with my Renault ZOE. Why is this?

The My Z.E. Connect services are available free of charge for three years on Renault ZOE. After that, you need to renew your contract to get My Z.E. Connect on Renault ZOE.

How do I switch from My Z.E. Connect to My Z.E. Interactive?

Using My Z.E. Connect or My Z.E. Interactive is easy. Just sign up to the "My Z.E. Online" portal and you will be able to subscribe to both services online. Your dealer is able to help you with this.

Can I access My Z.E. Connect and My Z.E. Interactive services without creating an account?

No. You need to create an account via My Z.E. Online to access these services.

How do I access all of the R-Link applications in the Renault ZOE?

For 12 months from delivery, you will be able to use applications that require a network connection, available for download from the R-LINK Store. After this free period, you need to renew your "Connectivity" subscription, either through the R-LINK Store or with your local dealer.

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